Paving ....Quality and Pricing:
Parking Lots, Roads, Driveways...
from Site Work to Completion
From Start to Finish...
Services to meet your needs.

Parking Lots, Roads and Driveways.
Steps from scrap down or excavation,
crushed gravel, grading, base coat,
and surface coat.

New Driveways and Existing Overlays.
Paving maintenance, chip seal and reclamation services also available.

Dixon's frontloader
Work site Chip sealing
Each job is unique with its own requirements.
We have the knowledge, equipment and team to do the job right.
The Value of Paving...
to businesses and homeowners.
  • Aesthetics/Appeal - Safety
  • Property Value - Snow and ice removal
  • Helps keep vehicle and building interiors clean
  • and prevents wear and tear to these areas

Quality Work since 1963...
We stand behind our work.
Please contact us to discuss
your next project.

Dixon Paving Corporation,
US Route 1, PO Box 342, York, ME 03909
Tel. 207-363-3533.

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